Le Music Boite

Le Music Boite is a virtual programmable music box that allows you to compose or recreate your favorite songs with soothing music box sounds.

You can also listen to some well-known music pieces that have already been made for you.

The box is also fully customizable (shape, color, sheet holes, sheet colors …) to match your mood.


Millions is the only synthesizer (source: trust me bro, but I have not checked so it might not be true) that lets you hand-draw your oscillator signals.

With three oscillators, five effects, Millions is your gateway to a world of sonic possibilities!

It also features a built-in looper to express your creativity with your uniques sounds.


Ernestine is an application containing various tools to help musicians with music theory such as:

  • Finding scales from notes or chords.
  • Get informations on a scale such as its structure, its notes, the chords it contains …
  • Chords progression to help you compose.

The apps also contains tools usefull to all musicians such as a metronome & a tuner.

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